1. I must train my abdominals everyday for them to be defined.


Daily workouts that target or incorporate abdominal and core exercises will help your midsection become stronger, but it will not make your abdominals more visible to the

outside world!


As a matter of fact, you can get injured and weaker as a result of overtraining so take care not to overdo it. It should take no more than 20 minutes to get an effective core

workout, 2-3 times per week! Just ask Coach Lorraine how often she trains her abs. I guarantee you will be surprised by her answer!


2. Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, will help me burn fat around my midsection and guarantee a six-pack .



Although “cardio” can be effective at burning calories, running alone will not help shed that layer of fat over your tummy! More so, you cannot target where you will lose fat by any means. Fat is burned throughout the entire body, not in one specific area. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don’t decide where you lose the fat and in which order in it disappears – your genetics do. What you can control is what your diet and exercise. Running is a great complement to any fitness program, however, you may want to turn to something a little less high-impact if you’re overweight. Your joints don’t need the unnecessary pressure

Here’s some even better advice: if your main goal is to burn fat, cut out the 2-hour cardio session and instead, opt for a 20-minute session high-intensity interval training. H.I.I.T. is a training method in which low to moderate intensity intervals are interspersed with high intensity intervals.


Six-Pack 3. I’ll have to cut out all my carbohydrates to get a six-pack!


Now building your abs starts in the kitchen with a clean diet. That much is true! And yes, some carbohydrates will have to be omitted from your abs-sculpting meal plan but definitely not all, as some people believe! Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient that your body uses for fuel – knowing which ones to eat and which ones to avoid is one important piece of the puzzle. I prefer to look at it as simple diet modifications. If you tell yourself that something is easy, it will be! ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

Cut sodium, cut calories, lower fat, lower sugar, exercise, and drink water. There are still ways to enjoy what you eat using these modifications. You don’t necessarily have to “diet.” You just have to know when you can eat certain foods. Be creative. It works! fast-digesting carbs like white bread, sports drinks, and potatoes can initiate an insulin spike that can hinder fat loss. (Consuming those types of carbs is best reserved for post- workout because they’ll aid in recovery.) Instead, get your carbs from sources like fruits, veggies, legumes, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, beans, and oatmeal. When possible, omit lab-created mutant foods with ingredients you need an interpreter to pronounce.


4. If I do hundreds of sit-ups everyday, I’ll have ripped abs. I get this a lot…. You can do 200 sit-ups a minute and still wouldn’t have abs. I mean you will have stronger abs, but they won’t be visible under that layer of fat. Exercise doesn’t define the abs. It only makes them more prominent once the fat has been removed from around them.


5. Certain foods blast belly fat.

(This one is my favorite!)



Foods don’t discriminate by body part. Some companies will claim that ‘certain foods target belly fat’ because it’s catchy, but don’t fall for this misconception! Yes, there are definitely foods that can help you lose

weight, such as fiber-rich dark, leafy vegetables but eating lots of these foods will help you shed fat overall, not just in the stomach region. Again, you can’t target the fat reduction to one specific area.


The kitchen is how you get ripped abs! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, fat loss is an “all over the body” process and follows your genetic predisposition. You can’t lose fat solely in one specific area. You don’t decide where you lose fat – your genetics do. What you can control is good eating, exercise and



QUIZ: Can you guess who owns these abs???


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-Rima Avellan

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